What We Inspect

Exterior | Interior | Roof | Attic | Structural | Electrical | Heating / AC | Plumbing | Kitchen | Bathrooms | Garage



  • Grading & drainage issues
  • Driveways, sidewalks, patio, lanai, porch, sunroom
  • Exterior walls, siding, trim, foundation, crawl space, windows, doors, chimney
  • Hose bibs
  • Presence of significant settlement or structural issues



Exterior Home Inspection


  • Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows
  • Structural concerns, water intrusion
  • Presence of smoke alarms
  • Fireplaces



Interior Home Inspection


  • Type, age, general condition
  • Life expectancy
  • Quality of installation
  • Needed repairs, evidence of leakage
  • Condition of roof covering, flashings, gutters, soffits, vents



Roofing Inspection


  • Type of construction
  • Quality of installation & condition of roof system
  • Indication of roof leaks
  • Hurricane tie down straps - presence & installation
  • Amount of insulation & ventilation
  • Wiring -splices, junction box, safety concerns, or hazards
  • A/C ducts - condition, installation, placement
  • Pest activity or damage



Attic Inspection


  • Type of construction - masonry, wood frame, etc
  • Additions
  • Wood destroying organism activity or damage
  • Foundation - slab, crawl space - structural components, wiring, plumbing, rot



Structural Inspection


  • Entrance wires - placement & grounding
  • Main electrical panel - size, type, & condition of wiring, breakers
  • Size, condition, type of wiring used throughout the house
  • Electrical Sub Panels - Pools, electrical equipment
  • Hazards & safety concerns
  • Lights, switches, appliances
  • Outlets throughout the house
  • GFCI circuit protection



Electrical Inspection

Heating / AC

  • Type of unit - i.e. heat pump, AC with heat strips
  • Air handler
  • Age, condition, manufacturer, operation
  • Evaluation of system function
  • Ducts - type, condition, defects, air flow



Heating/AC Inspection


  • Location of meter
  • Indications of system leaks
  • Location of Main shut off valve
  • Supply lines, drain lines, valves, fixtures, sinks, toilets, showers, shower pans, tubs, garbage disposal, dishwasher & sprinkler system
  • Age, condition, water volume & flow, operation, & presence of leaks
  • Sewer venting
  • Water heater - location, manufacturer, type, size, age, condition, safety concerns



Plumbing Inspection


  • Ceilings, floors, doors, walls
  • Counter tops, cabinets, sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, oven, built-in appliances



Kitchen Inspection


  • Walls, floors, tub, toilet, sink
  • Counter tops, vanities, cabinets, shower, built-in appliances



Bathroom Inspection


  • Ceilings, floors, doors, walls
  • Structure or maintenance issues
  • Attic stairs



Garage Inspection