Pre-Listing Home Inspections

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We have noticed a recent trend in the residential real estate industry.

More and more sellers are requesting a pre-listing home inspection prior to putting their homes on the market. We can clearly see why it is a growing trend. Our experience has been that reducing the "unknowns" gives buyers the confidence they need to make a strong offer without contingencies. Thus, homes that have had a pre-listing home inspection often attract buyers more quickly, and sometimes even multiple offers.

A pre-listing home inspection:

  • helps sellers avoid costly non-disclosure issues;
  • provides an opportunity to address problems sellers choose to, at their own schedule;
  • eliminates surprises and the hassles of making last minute repairs when these issues are presented by the buyer's home inspector;
  • reduces the likelihood of having to negotiate repair costs halfway through the transaction; and
  • saves time, as buyers often waive their home inspection if they feel confident the pre-listing home inspection was thorough.

Our pre-listing home inspection includes:

  • a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the home's major systems and components
  • an easy to read report that includes digital photos of pertinent items and a summary page;
  • consultation with the home inspector to go over findings and answer any questions about the home.

We encourage sellers to call, even long after the home inspection, for any technical advice that may help them through their important transaction.