Phase Inspections

Congratulations on building your new home!


To build ones own home is a dream many people have. Most of us save and plan for years to one day create that unique space so perfectly laid out for enjoying life with our family and friends. If you are in the building process now, you are probably giddy with excitement and elbow deep in architectural drawings, magazine clippings and fabric swatches. But, before you get too far down the construction road, it is important to take a moment to make sure that your house is being built as planned and designed.


Whether you are building with the help of a general contractor, or are contracting the work yourself, there are many components to constructing a house and just as many subcontractors and tradespeople involved. It is no wonder that even the most reputable builders, or the most knowledgeable homeowners, can sometimes miss critical items.


That's why it is important to have a professional home inspector who is greatly knowledgeable in residential construction practices perform PHASE INSPECTIONS Unless deficiencies are caught early it may be costly or impossible to correct, especially after the home is completed. We have often seen what started out as a wonderful experience of building a home turn quickly into a legal nightmare with homeowners suing builders and builders suing homeowners--many times for items that would have been relatively simple and inexpensive to correct during the construction phase. at certain critical stages of the construction.  Phase inspections assist in monitoring the building process by providing an unbiased third party evaluation of the construction.


 Although a phase inspection can be performed at any time during the construction process, we find that two of the most critical stages are before drywall is applied and just before the final walk-through.


A pre-drywall inspection allows for important components, such as the framing, roughed-in electrical, HVAC and plumbing, to be viewed before they are concealed behind drywall.



A few days before the final walk-through is scheduled with the builder, a final inspection with a third-party inspector is recommended. During this inspection, the inspector will verify the proper installation of materials, the operation of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, appliances, fixtures, doors, and windows, and other important components of the house. Conducting this inspection prior to the final walk-through with the builder will allow  time for these items to be repaired before the close of escrow.


After each inspection, we provide our clients with a documentation of findings. Surprisingly, homeowners are not the only clients we serve! Builders have also requested our phase inspections for the benefit of having a fresh pair of eyes take a critical and objective look at the project!


Let us assist you in monitoring the building process and help you build the house of your dreams!


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